Owner Spends $1,500 On Plastic Surgery For Cat She Called ‘Ugly’

Owner Spends $1,500 On Plastic Surgery For Cat She Called ‘Ugly’

    Owner Spends $1,500 On Plastic Surgery For Cat She Called ‘Ugly’

    A woman in China is facing sharp criticism from animal rights advocates round the world once paying near to $1,500 on cosmetic surgery for her cat.

    The woman claims her cat’s eyes were unbecoming, and required adjustment. pictures of the cat ill  once a double-eyelid operation, additionally referred to as Asian blepharoplasty, show however its face was smooth-shaven before it had been insensible and had each of its eyelids cut open.

    Surgeons at the Rupeng Pet Hospital in urban center most ordinarily perform double-eyelid operations on dogs, whose homeowners wish their eyes to seem larger in shows.

     Elective surgeries on animals don't seem to be exceptional, and typically not even outlaw, however whether or not they area unit applicable is another question. within the case of this cat, its owner is facing derision on social media and also the animal medical treatment community.
    The Rupeng Pet Hospital might supply its protective fold alteration practices to anyone with the Yuan, however not all veterinarians agree, nor would they risk the procedure.

    “We would ne'er comply with place cats and dogs beneath the knife unless they're sick and required the procedure for health reasons,” a vet at another animal hospital told Jiangsu tv.

    “The procedure, if simply to form it look prettier, is totally extra and causes the animal pain,” wrote one commenter on the Chinese microblogging web site Weibo.

    “It doesn’t even appear as if identical cat any longer. this is often plain torture,” wrote another.

    Plastic surgery is also counseled within the case of associate degree animal that can't breathe well, or World Health Organization suffers from frequent infection, however surgery merely for the sake of aesthetics will be risky. the incorrect dose of physiological state may leave the animal with permanent health or activity impairments, or worse.

    “Subjecting a cat thereto risk moreover as all the associated discomfort and concern, within the name of non-essential surgery for human self-importance is actually idle and not within the best welfare interests of the cat,” Wendy Higgins, director of international media at Humane Society International, told MailOnline. “All animals ar stunning, in no matter form or size they are available in, and their visual imperfections solely provide them a lot of character. Surgically sterilisation our pets for strictly cosmetic reasons isn't kind or wise.

    “Unless there's some health would like for the animal, as there will be as an example with some breeds, we should always love them simply the means they're,” she continuing.*

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