Dog Found with Swollen Muzzle Taped Shut in 2015 Is Now a Mascot for Animal Cruelty

Dog Found with Swollen Muzzle Taped Shut in 2015 Is Now a Mascot for Animal Cruelty

    Dog Found with Swollen Muzzle Taped Shut in 2015 Is Now a Mascot for Animal Cruelty

    On May 27, 2015, the globe was deeply appalled by pictures of a chocolate-brown bull terrier-mix with a swollen muzzle sure by electrical tape. Caitlyn’s former owner had taped her mouth shut to prevent her from barking. With the dog unable to eat or drink, Caitlyn’s rescuers expected that she had endured this torture for up to forty eight hours.

    Today we have a tendency to obtain JUSTICE for CAITLYN the Dog! Please send U.S.A. your positive energy and prayers as we have a tendency to journey to the capital…

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    Caitlyn had practised the terribly darkest aspect of human cruelty. The Charleston Animal Society took her in, and donations flooded in from way and wide to assist finance Caitlyn’s jaw reconstruction surgery. Today, the sweet dog UN agency therefore completely earned  her place in a very doting, permanent home has found specifically that. and also the man UN agency adopted her has been by her aspect from the terribly starting.

    Ted Corvey worked for the Charleston County prosecution against Caitlyn’s maltreater, William Leonard Dodson, in what was one amongst the foremost horrific cases of animal cruelty he had ever seen. Corvey’s 1st meeting with Caitlyn is graven in his memory forever. Sporting a broken jaw, and clearly excitable, Caitlyn was hesitant however simply needed to be blue-eyed. “I very fashioned an honest reference to her,” Corvey recalled, chatting with ABCNews4, “so that got ME very showing emotion invested with within the case. From there, we have a tendency to simply started getting ready it for trial.”

    Caitlyn the dog thanks Assistant Solicitor tough guy Corvey for protruding together with her case for nearly 2 years and for obtaining the utmost sentence for her abuser! #JusticeforCaitlyn #IamCaitlyn #adoptatcas

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    Dodson pleaded guilty in August of 2015. “I was excited,” Corvey unconcealed, “because i used to be pretty nervous concerning heading into trial consecutive week.” Corvey had nothing to fret about: Dodson was sentenced to 5 years behind bars for animal abuse. choose Dennis’s call was created quickly, and with overwhelming conviction. “I’m not making an attempt to be mean,” the choose same in court, “but I would like I may offer you additional.”

    Caitlyn can wear a big scar on her muzzle for the remainder of her life, a reminder of the abuse she endured. By the time the tape was removed by her rescuers, her muzzle had tripled in size because of swelling. The unbelievable Dr. Henri Bianucci and also the workers of Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant managed to avoid wasting Caitlyn’s tongue and restored  the practicality of her broken mouth.

    Corvey, having seen Caitlyn’s story through from her initial rescue through to her happy orientating, commented that the brave dog’s story angry an enormous response from umbrageous voters and animal welfare advocates from all four corners of the world. “The most superb issue from my involvement was the number of calls that flooded our workplace,” Corvey disclosed, “even months and years once the case had been happening.”

    Whilst championing the cause for abolishing animal cruelty, Caitlyn has conjointly become one thing of a neighborhood celebrity. “People acknowledge her pretty usually,” Corvey laughed. “It can begin with, ‘ooh i ponder if that’s Caitlyn,’ and so they are available over and raise.” Dubbed associate degree “Ambassadog,” Caitlyn has featured in newspapers, magazines, websites, and television shows as a organism for rising animal welfare.

    William Dodson was sentenced to 5 years in jail for animal cruelty, the most sentence for his crime. However, the bad person is presently already serving fifteen years in federal jail on unrelated gun and drug charges.

    Corvey hopes that Caitlyn’s story can still inspire. Not solely is that the brave dog a real survivor, however she’s a organism for the tireless fight against animal cruelty.
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