Traina Thoughts: Becky Lynch Is WWE's Hottest Act and the Creative Team Doesn't Know What to Do With Her

Traina Thoughts: Becky Lynch Is WWE's Hottest Act and the Creative Team Doesn't Know What to Do With Her


    1. i am close to do full analysis of a WWE plot line, therefore if you do not like wrestling, skip to item No. 2 and, a lot of significantly, please do not be that retard United Nations agency tweets Pine Tree State to mention that wrestling "isn't real."

    Now that I actually have that out of the manner, i want to complain concerning what I saw on Monday Night Raw as a result of it had been soooooo dangerous and very sums up the state of the corporate, that is facing record-low ratings for its flagship show.

    The WWE has the most popular act in wrestling since Daniel Bryan and his "YES movement" in 2014 in Becky kill a.k.a, "The Man." the gang cannot get enough of her, she's a lot of over (wrestling term) than any grappler within the company and she's during a plot line with Ronda Rousey, United Nations agency the WWE paid millions to usher in despite zero wrestling expertise.

    So what will the WWE do with Lynch? they furnish her an equivalent previous, tired plot line that we have seen over and over within the company. you recognize the one wherever they create the foremost fashionable champion associate failure United Nations agency has got to battle "The Authority" a.k.a. the McMahon family. It started with Stone Cold Steve Austin, it continued with Daniel Bryan and currently it's Becky Lynch's flip and it's awful as a result of it has been done such a lot of times. Yes, it had been effective with Austin and Bryan, however currently it simply sounds like the final word crutch. It's lazy and uninteresting as a result of the "been there, done that" feel.

    This week's Monday Night Raw focused around whether or not kill would apologize to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H once obtaining physical with every of them last week. That was the plot line excited for 3 hours. They even ran multiple chyrons with the question, "Will Becky kill apologize?" As if that wasn't dangerous enough, the show culminated with kill apologizing then Vince McMahon starting off to announce that kill was suspended for sixty days and Charlotte aptitude would replace her within the Lynch-Rousey WrestleMania match.
    Every single one that follows wrestling is aware of that kill are within the 'Mania match, thus this plot isn't solely weird (it makes zero sense that Vince would simply willy-nilly insert Charlotte into the match), it is also a whole dead finish as a result of we all know however it ends. kill are within the 'Mania match and possibly win it.
    Of course, kill is taking part in her role during this convuluted plot dead on social media.

    Yes, this is often wrestling and it's written and it is not one thing to induce excited over. however in analyzing the business of wrestling, it's superb that 1) the WWE artistic team is therefore uncreative; 2) the WWE has its biggest crowd favorite in 5 years and has no plan what to try and do with her; 3) they'd take an enormous Lynch-Rousey WrestleMania match and muck it up by adding a 3rd person.

    Please free Becky kill from this madness.

    2. This was such a nasty tweet by Justin Verlander. Sure, let's simply offer everybody 10-year contracts as a result of they total therefore well. I mean, however on earth might a team NOT usher in Manny Machado for ten seasons when he aforementioned hustling extremely is not his issue.

    3. I'm not sure I've ever seen a more cringeworthy minute of footage in my life.

    4. Out of this bunch, the 49ers would be the foremost amusing team for adversity with Jimmy G's comeback story, Richard Sherman and therefore the terribly amusing Greg Kittle. The Raiders would be terrible as a result of it'd simply be the Jon Gruden show. Obviously, if HBO goes with the Giants, you'd see loads of Odell Beckham. The Lions square measure somewhat attention-grabbing as a result of 
    Matt Patricia looks, let's simply say, strange. The Redskins would be whole boring.

    5. Capitals forward Tom Wilson has done some massive news on wherever Bryce instrumentalist won't sign. in keeping with Wilson, instrumentalist has unfollowed many Capitals players on social media, therefore a come to Washington for the outfielder looks to be out.

    6. the person WHO stony-broke the story regarding ESPN firing Baseball Tonight host Adnan Virk, ny Post sports media communicator saint Marchand joined the newest SI Media Podcast to present all the small print on the wild story. Marchand explains however ESPN realized regarding Virk reportedly leaky data to Awful saying and why the network determined to fireplace him rather than suspend him.

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