Animal Shelter President Jailed After Killing Over 2,000 Animals

Animal Shelter President Jailed After Killing Over 2,000 Animals
    The images in this story show deceased animals, which may be upsetting to some.

    Animal Shelter President Jailed 

    After Killing Over 2,000 Animals

    The images during this story show deceased animals, which can be disconcerting to some.

    An animal shelter president is in jail for killing quite a pair of,000 animals. She killed them so as to save lots of cash, even employing a lower indefinite quantity of the euthanization drug to chop prices, cruelly extending their discomfort before death.

    The president was helped by the steward, and that they tried their best to hide up their crimes. ahead of disconnected security cameras, investigators found giant speakers pushed into place. They believe they were wont to play loud music to assist make noise the animals’ howls whereas they were being killed.

    Carmen Marin Aguilar, former president of the Paraque Animal Centre in Torremolinos, on the Costa del Sol, can pay subsequent three years and nine months behind bars once being found guilty of animal abuse and refutation skilled documents.

    According to the Europa Press, Aguilar was aghast at the ruling, claiming she “loves animals” and couldn’t have possibly killed them, due to a phobia of needles.
    “I don’t even dare to cut their nails,” she said.

    But prosecutors within the urban center court were sharp with their chastisement and created it clear simply what the woman’s actions had junction rectifier to.

    “The animals were submitted to a slow and painful agony, that was wholly undue and that the suspect were awake to since the animals contorted in pain ahead of them for hours,” they declared.

    The prosecutors indicated that Aguilar and her partner Felipe Gomez were liable for the deaths of as several as a pair of,183 animals between 2009 and 2010, once investigation into Parque Animal centre initial began.

    Court documents revealed that Gomez held the healthy animals down while Aguilar injected them with euthanization drugs, forgoing any sedation.
    The following video from a Spanish documentary group explores the Paraque Animal Centre, and the animals killed by Aguilar and Gomez.
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