Abandoned pit bull found with duck tape around its neck and snout

Abandoned pit bull found with duck tape around its neck and snout

    Abandoned pit bull found with duck tape around its neck and snout

    DREW COUNTY, Ark. -- A Pit Bull was found lameness down a dust road with its nose and mouth taped shut weekday night outside Monticello. 

    Kaylin Frost 1st noticed the tiny brown Pit Bull with tape wrapped around its neck and snout.

    "I simply cried I did not grasp what else to try to to," Frost aforesaid. 

    Her mama at the side of friends and histrion County Sheriff's deputies came dead set Tennessee Spur Road off Hwy. 287 to assist and were able to get the tape off the dog.

    But she was spooky and ran away. 

    The dog was found Tuesday afternoon close. 

    "It's appalling that someone would do that," histrion County peace officer Mark Gober aforesaid. 

    Sheriff Gober says this sort of injury is per dogfighting.

    "The dog's muzzle would be taped and he could not fight back, therefore he could not injure the opposite dog."

    Making her a bait dog.

    She's thin, has scratches on the within of her legs and presumably a broken back leg.

    "Its back leg was bent like all the far and it may barely walk around," Frost aforesaid. 

    This animal cruelty case may presumably be connected to different crimes within the space associated with dog fighting, however it's tough to prove.

    "They're tougher to induce into than the mob, to infiltrate their ring," peace officer Gober aforesaid. 

    Deputies area unit currently busy gathering proof together with fingerprints from the procedure round the dog.

    While Frost is hopeful out of all the animals she's seen on her street, what she witnessed weekday is that the worst she, and therefore the dog can have to be compelled to expertise.

    "It was simply cruel and there was no purpose in it."

    The DCSO believes the dog may are drop or fell out of a vehicle driving down Hwy. 287. 

    They need facilitate catching who's accountable therefore they are providing a gift for data.

    You can stay anonymous.

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