The Unbearable Stupidity of Howard Schultz’s Presidential Fantasy

The Unbearable Stupidity of Howard Schultz’s Presidential Fantasy


    Billionaire Howard Schultz is considering running for president of the u. s.. The ex-Starbucks business executive and former owner of the point of entry SuperSonics, WHO has zero expertise in government or politics, thinks Donald Trump is “not qualified” to be commander-in-chief.

    To cite Phoebe Buffay from “Friends”: “Hello, kettle? this is often Howard. You’re black.”

    If Trump is “not qualified,” then what the hell is Schultz? altogether fairness to the fake president, Trump is in a position to command crowds and a spotlight like no alternative politician on the proper. His name recognition was off the charts once he ran within the Republican primaries in 2016. the previous Starbucks boss, on the opposite hand, may be a charisma-free zone; the sole crowds he looks to draw in area unit his mortifying Twitter ratios.

    The truth is that despite claiming to be “bored” by Trump, and readjustment his opposition to the president’s “vitriolic show of intolerance and hate and divisiveness,” Schultz has much more in common with the truth star-turned-POTUS than he may prefer to admit. His Trumpian ego has created him — associate recent, wealthy white guy WHO got wealthy marketing coffee! — suppose he will be Leader of the Free World™.

    There’s additionally his Trumpian dishonesty. Schultz, the “lifelong Democrat,” has spent the past few days hurling a series of false accusations not against Trump, however against Democrats. He attacked subunit. Kamala Harris’s support for “Medicare for All” as “not yankee,” that is absurd as long as Medicare itself has been around for over fifty years, whereas “Medicare for All” is polling at seventy p.c, with majority support even among Republicans.

    He claimed that the “majority of Americans” area unit hostile “a seventy p.c tax in America,” as recommended by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Another lie. A recent Hill-HarrisX survey found that fifty nine p.c of voters support the Ocasio-Cortez tax proposal (which solely applies to financial gain over $10 million), together with a transparent majority of independents.

    Schultz additionally same that “the greatest threat domestically to the country is that this $21 trillion debt hanging over the cloud of America and future generations.” Again, false. variety of leading economists pain him on the debt. And, as HuffPost’s Zach Carter points out, “his $21.5 trillion debt monster is associate exaggeration: It includes trillions of greenbacks the govt owes to itself.” (Oh, and for the record, a thumping a pair of p.c of usa citizens cite the federal debt as “the most significant downside facing the country nowadays.”)

    There’s the Trumpian trait too. per associate investigation by The Young Turks, in 2017, Schultz given but one p.c of his $3.4 billion internet price to his own charity. “All told,” rumored TYT, “Schultz has given associate calculable two-and-a-half p.c of his wealth to the family non-profit-making, supported tax filings chemical analysis back to 1999.” Sound familiar?

    The former Starbucks business executive doesn’t like paying higher taxes, either. Schultz, the questionable deficit hawk, isn’t hostile Trump’s deficit-busting tax cuts — solely the dimensions of them. He has lambasted subunit. Elizabeth Warren’s new proposal for a wealth tax as “ridiculous.” ought to we tend to be surprised? As a have himself, he’d need to pay a three p.c wealth tax, per the Warren set up.

    His beloved expensive occasional chain doesn’t have a way higher record on taxation. In 2017, Starbucks’s European division paid a mere $5.9 million in taxes, on U.K. profits of $213 million — or a good charge per unit of simply a pair of.8 percent.

    Then there’s the Trumpian content. The apologetic Schultz, not like the president, is willing to concede that he's not the “smartest person within the space.” which will be an underestimation, though. For a begin, why will he suppose he has any probability of winning the presidency in 2020? What’s his route to conclusion in an exceedingly two-party system? Schultz, the political neophyte, doesn't even perceive however presidential candidates get on the ballot. He thinks that polls showing that four in ten Americans determine as “independents” means that his own freelance presidential campaign can attract widespread support — once reams of proof recommend that questionable independents area unit (closet) partisans. “Only regarding seven p.c of individuals WHO determine as independents actually don’t like either party,” rumored NPR on Tuesday, citing analysis from social scientist achene Klar, author of the book “Independent Politics.”

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    Schultz, it seems, is Trump while not the tan, the bluster, or the border wall. And if he decides to run in 2020, his freelance candidature, to quote former Obama strategian David Axelrod, are going to be a “gift” to the Republican incumbent — probably cacophonous the anti-Trump vote and giving this racist disaster of a president another four years within the Oval Office.

    Guess WHO agrees?

    Team Trump. think about the president’s terribly deliberate tweet on Monday, spur the occasional mogul to enter the 2020 race as associate independent:

    Consider conjointly the terribly deliberate praise concentrated on Schultz by the likes of Hugh Hewitt and also the hosts of “Fox and Friends.”

    Is there the simplest way, then, of dissuading the ill-informed, egomaniacal Schultz from burning through many several greenbacks on a pointless, Trump-boosting presidential campaign? can op-eds like this work? however a couple of client boycott of Starbucks? perhaps a lot of protests at his book-signing events? approval, in fact, to the protester United Nations agency heckled Schultz at a Barnes & Noble in big apple on Monday evening, summarizing the case against him in eight pithy words: “Don’t facilitate elect Trump, you egotistical rich person asshole.”
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