First look: LG V40 ThinQ smartphone features five cameras, but do you really need them?

First look: LG V40 ThinQ smartphone features five cameras, but do you really need them?

    Do i actually would like 5 cameras in an exceedingly smartphone?”

    I wouldn’t blame you if that was the primary issue you asked upon hearing concerning the signature feature within the LG V40 ThinQ, the newest premium flagship smartphone from the South Korean physical science maker.

    Specs-wise LG’s new $900 (on up) phone is in line with alternative mechanical man smartphones during thiscategoryit's water and mud resistant and encompasses a phablet-sized show, a 6-4 in. OLED selection during this case (with a notch), framed by skinny bezels.

    Inside is powerful Qualcomm processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, expandable (up to 2-terabytes) through microSD. It conjointly encompasses a commonplace electro-acoustic transducer jack – and latelythat'sprice cheering.

    And I ought to indicate that whereas the phone encompasses a solid feel, I found it to be a small indefinite amountslippery and a magnet for smudges. 

    Still, what you retain coming to is that camera quintet, broken out as follows: The rear of the device sports a module with 3 totally different lenses: 16-megapixel super wide, 12MP commonplace, 12MP 2X photographzoom. The front of the device encompasses a camera combine comprised of a typical 8MP lens and 5MP wide angle.

    conceive to reserve my full judgement till I’ve had a chance to require additional photos and verify whether or notmost of the camera options approximate being additional fun and useful, or quite candidly additional gimmicky. Sorry, LG, however a minimum of with a number of the options here I’m leaning towards the latter.

    One feature I realize helpfula minimum of a number of the time, is that you just will preview what a trial can seem like soft on any of the 3 rear cameras. 

    And if you select the capably named “Triple Shot” mode, you'll be able to capture a picture soft on the rear trio in consecutive fashion, with the concept being to specialise in associate degree object within the center of your scene and holding the camera still till all 3 photos are taken. many seconds later, the camera generates a GIF. You’ve conjointly after all captured photos from all 3 cameras and may save and/or share any or all 3.

    Yet another feature, the “Flash Jump-Cut” mode, conjointly generates a GIF, by shooting photos three seconds apart. You get to decide on simply what percentage pics are going to be the underpinning for this GIF (4, 8, 12, sixteen or twenty images). 

    Maybe the foremost attention-grabbing feature to focus on is termed Cine Shot, or the flexibility to make a “living photo” or cinemagraph. What this basically suggests that is you’re capturing a still image, except, that is, for a selected portion of the image that continues to be animated, one thing sort of a babbling brook behind ANotherwise frozen subject. It’s a cool result done right, however I found the method may be a very little toughyou have got to stay still to capture 3 seconds of video, then when shooting “paint” over the portion of the image together with your finger wherever you would like to retain motion. The feature works with each the rear and front cameras. 

    As for the front cameras, you'll be able to toggle between them to grab your normal selfie, or shoot a wider angle image that captures not solely your face, however conjointly the mugs of all of your buddies.

    Other photograph options on the V40 also are found on rival phones, together with portrait effects that allow you blur the background whereas specializing in your main subject.
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