A Police Chief Is Blasting “Keyboard Warriors” Speculating About The Death Of A 13-Year-Old Who Ran Away From Home

A Police Chief Is Blasting “Keyboard Warriors” Speculating About The Death Of A 13-Year-Old Who Ran Away From Home

    Handout / Marshalltown department of local government
    An Iowa police captain blasted on-line speculation regarding the death of a 13-year-old boy, whose body was found 5 days when he ran far from home following associate degree argument along with his oldsters over a cellular phone.

    Marshalltown police aforementioned during a statement Sunday that the body of Corey Brown — United Nations agency had been missing since Gregorian calendar monthtwenty two — was found during a secluded space of the city early that morning.

    “At nowthere's no proof or info that indicates criminal activity is connected to the current missing person/death investigation. However, this is often still a vigorous investigation and every one doable eventualities are totallyinvestigated,” police aforementioned within the statement.

    Iowa is presently within the interior of a “once-in-a-generation” spell and temperatures are at or below state change for the past week.

    In a conference Thursday, Marshalltown Chief of Police archangel Tupper aforementioned that Corey left his parents’ house on the night of Gregorian calendar monthtwenty two when having a “disciplinary discussion” within which his phone was moved out. He aforementioned that there had been no proof of any massive fight or argument between Corey and his oldsters.

    “I can’t emphasize enough that this speculation regarding why he left ... it’s not a good depiction,” the chief aforementioned weekday. “Nothing extraordinary happened reception that caused this to occur.”

    The Brown family requested privacy during a statement through the department of local government Sunday and thanked enforcement officers and therefore the Marshalltown community for his or her efforts to search out Corey.

    In a guest column within the Iowa Times-Republican on weekday, Tupper wrote that he was defeated by the approach this tragedy had been coated by the national media.

    “They have sensationalized, and inaccurately reportableextraneous details in a trial to hint somebody should be answerable. Some keyboard warriors on social media have done identicalall of them have lacked basic human decency as they push their theories and speculation. It should stop. this can be wrong,” Tupper wrote.

    “The Brown family deserves, and wishes our support, our love. They merit compassion. there's no one answerablehere, folks. Corey Brown did nothing wrong. The Brown family did nothing wrong. They were the victims of unfortunate circumstances that would have even as simply visited our own families. Tragedy generally simplyhappens. All you'll be able to do is support each other. As community members, we have a tendency to should get up to support the unfortunate souls touched by tragic events.”
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